February 25th, 2019 BY Douglas Lober

Get Savvy with These Tech-Forward Reusable Promo Item Options

It’s safe to say that our civilization is firmly entrenched in the digital age. It seems as though each new dawn brings another device or gadget to the marketplace, giving us humans a wealth of technology choices that sometimes feels overwhelming.

The truth of the matter is, while we have a lot of technology, we can’t always use it effectively. Companies who can tap into that need are bound to succeed over companies who simply offer more items headed for landfill. Unfortunately, that’s a fact that organizations who churn out paper collateral and cheap swag can’t understand and it’s putting them behind the curve.

Rather than handing out pens that break in 3 seconds and pamphlets that never get read, you can help your marketing efforts (and our planet) by investing in quality tools that help us engage with our digital devices more effectively. Without further ado, here are several approaches to marketing that put tech gadgets to good use.

Understand Your Industry

Before you start shopping for promo items, it’s critical that you spend time thinking about what people in your industry need. That means asking questions such as:

  • Whom do I serve? Obviously, you need to know who your ideal customer is before you can attract them. If you supply a hospital with supplies, then the medical community will have a great deal of impact on what promotional items work for you.
  • Whom do they serve? For instance, if you serve hospitals and they serve patients, family members, professional organizations and students, that’s a deeper level of audience insight.
  • How do those people factor into your marketing plan? Ask yourself whether your promo items are simply for the staff at the hospital, or will be seen by the wider world. If they’re for patients, families, public clinics and other far-reaching audience members, you might choose different products.
  • What do people in this field need to live their lives? What do they do every day?

If you’re the hospital yourself, you might choose many of the same products as a vendor that supplies the hospital, but with a few noticeable differences in your marketing plan:

  1. The name and logo will reflect your organization.
  2. You’ll likely have a higher emphasis on promoting overall health rather than a single product line.
  3. Your products will need to work for patients and family members rather than just professionals (though perhaps that too).
  4. Tech gadgets should have a medically related purpose, such as a flash drive that contains health documents or a lanyard that keeps ID tags on it.

The point is, your industry informs the different products you might choose greatly, and there’s a lot of variation even within industries. Before deciding which products you’ll buy, consider your audience. Remember, these are the people whom you want to attract to your product or service, whom you want to bring back again and again. Figure out what they need, and you’ll have figured out how to keep them for life.

Embrace the Power of Environmentalism

The technology sector is rife with planned obsolescence, gadgets that are made not to withstand the test of time. The problem has caused junk to pile up in our landfills and oceans. Single-use plastic bags float freely through our waterways and city streets, and even grocery store paper bags aren’t much better.

Your clients and customers want to escape this devastating pattern just as much as you do. Give them an option, with reusable promo items that don’t destroy the world and do serve a purpose long into the future. That means well-made items that truly match the consumer’s need. And that in turn means promos that they’ll use, not just put in a drawer and leave there. Enter our most popular tech-savvy options today.

Give Calculators: Not Just for Math Geeks

Back in elementary school, our teachers told us we’d use math every day, but we didn’t believe them. Not that you’re a grownup, you know how important math is for the little things, like measuring ingredients or figuring out tip. Calculators are a great way to outfit a client’s office, send elementary school kids home with a great gift after a party or function, or thank donors at a college function.

Leverage the Power of Mousepads

What’s that, you say? Mousepads have gone the way of the dinosaur? Not so! Despite the trackpad’s widespread popularity, recent research shows that it’s bad for your hands to use one all the time. That’s why many people have switched to external mouses (or should we say mice?) even when using a laptop. That makes these mousepads a great tech gift to add to your promo repertoire.

Provide Power Out and About

There’s nothing more annoying than picking up the phone to call an important stakeholder and realizing it’s dead. When you’re a mile from your car and can’t see a Starbucks in sight, it’s a real bummer to hold a useless pile of microchips and circuits when what you really need is a gosh-darn device.

Enter mobile chargers such as iBoost2 Mobile Device Charger w/Gift Box, one of the most cutting-edge products on the market today. This little battery-powered baby will get your clients’ and customers’ devices back up and running in no time flat, and they look good doing it too! Accompanied by a gift box, they’ll make your brand shine … and with a large logo emblazoned on the top of them, they’ll keep on shining for a long time.

As long as the new battery life of your phone, you might say.

Play Up Those Accessories

Sometimes your perfect people just need an accessory or two to make their gadgets work that much more effectively. You might consider:

Keep in mind that a small assortment of promotional items is better than just one, because it allows you to match the product to the needs of the recipient more closely. Also, make sure that your items are well-made, or else those impressions you’re looking for won’t happen. The customer will throw the object away instead. And lastly, make sure your theme colors, logo and name are on point – otherwise you lose the opportunity to show yourself off to best effect.

Speaking of logos …

Design a High-Tech Logo

Nothing is lamer than a tech-forward promo item with a super design-backward logo. It’s just hard to take seriously. If you’re not 100-percent confident in the power of your logo, it’s time to consider hiring a logo designer today.

While a lot of companies especially small ones) balk at the idea of outsourcing logo design when they could DIY it, that’s not a good idea. The point of a logo is immediate recognition, and if your logo is overwhelmingly bleh, that’s not going to happen. Here are four reasons to consider hiring a logo designer, so that any tech promo you buy will actually net you your money’s worth in impressions, recognition and customer loyalty.

Don’t Wait to Get an Edge on the Competition

If you’re ready to get started with tech-savvy promo items that get you noticed, don’t wait any longer. Today is the day to get your good name out into the world, so pick up the phone and call Reusable Promos today. Our friendly team will listen to your goals, help you craft a marketing plan that works, walk you through your options and help you start the ordering process today. Kiss the competition goodbye by calling us today!