September 29th, 2018 BY Douglas Lober

10 Brilliant Ideas for Reusable Promo Items

It’s true that choosing the right promotional products for your business can pose a major challenge. With so many options, it’s hard to know where to start – and even harder to figure out how to match those options to your exact audience members and campaigns.

Take comfort. Over time, you’ll develop a series of marketing approaches that work well for you and your business. In the meantime, though, you probably need a little guidance, and that’s okay.

To that end, here are 10 brilliant ideas for reusable promo items. We’ve matched the products to the event and offered insider tips on exactly how to use those items. All you have to do is choose one or two of your favorites and get started today!

Race Day Water Bottles

Nothing goes together quite like charity runs and water bottles. Whether athletes are completing a 5k, 10k or even a marathon, they’re going to need hydration.

You can leverage that basic fact easily by setting up a water bottle stand at the starting line. Bring enough not only to furnish your own team, but to hand them out to others who forgot their own. Soon enough, your hydration station will become a magnet.

Make sure if you’re going to do this that you’re well-branded in other ways. Put up a clear banner, have a few pamphlets on the table and keep a non-running employee or two on hand to answer questions from interested parties. If you can afford to (or if it’s required in order to set up a booth), consider sponsoring the race as well.

Open House Notepads

Are you a realtor or otherwise involved in the buying, selling, rehabbing or building of homes? Then you know all about open houses and how important they are to the successful sale of a property. Getting people in the door, looking around is the best way to make them fall in love – but you have to keep yourself top of mind later.

Forget cookies. While everyone loves a cookie, the best way to ensure that whichever prospects didn’t buy or rent the property is to send them off with some handy promo items that they’ll actually use. Think nice notepads, classy pens or small tech gadgets.

Yoga Retreat Stress Balls

Yoga is all about serenity, and serenity is all about the absence of stress. Sure, it’s impossible to live a life totally free of angst or fears, but it is possible to give people the tools to fight negative emotion – which is where yoga retreats come in.

Why not help your clients keep the good vibes going long after they leave with a stress ball? Every time they squeeze it, they’ll think of you, making them much likelier to return for another retreat or take your neighborhood classes.

Pub Crawl Coasters

If you’re part of a pub crawl, make sure your stoppers-by remember you long after that night (even if they don’t remember the night itself!). Pass out coasters to each guest and your marketing efforts will be well-rewarded with later visits.

Grand Opening Glassware

Businesses who have just launched or those who have recently rebranded often throw a grand opening party – and that means libations. Pint glasses, champagne flutes and wine tumblers are all sure bets for a classy and fun party. Best of all, you can send them home with your guests; it’s a little reminder of you that lives in their liquor cabinet from now on.

Artisanal Shop Lunch Bags

Need we say more? If you make cured meats, fine cheeses, pickled goods or berry tarts, you want people to appreciate them, and that means keeping them cool – either on a picnic, at work or on their way home. Selling lunch coolers at the register is always a great idea, but so is giving them away as a value-added item with a minimum purchase.

Gardening Center Planters

Plants and planters are like peanut butter and jelly. While some of your customers come in for a tomato or two, others will fill multiple carts for re-landscaping an entire property or outfitting a business for the new season.

When someone “buys the nursery,” if you will, it never hurts to throw in a little thank-you gift on top. From larger ceramic planters to smaller, branded promo succulent holders, keeping your customers happy is always a great idea.

Tech Company Phone Screen Cleaners

Sell phones, computers, tablets or other doodads? Then you know how easy it is to smear up those screens. Especially with today’s reliance on touch, fingerprints and oil abound on all of our devices.

One of the handiest items is a little phone screen cleaner that attaches to the back of a phone. The user just removes it when they need to clean, wipes down the screen and puts it back again – all while enjoying your logo!

Cooking Class Wine Glasses

Nobody turns down a glass of wine at cooking class, and what better way to keep your guests thinking of you than by sending them home with that glass? Now you can ensure that one-time attendees will become diehard fans of your pasta parties, sushi nights and much more.

Beauty Company Lip Balm

Smooth, healthy lips are a hallmark of physical beauty, so any aesthetics or cosmetics company is bound to appreciate them. They’re a perfect item for giving away at the register with a minimum purchase, or you can sell them at a moderate premium and make your money back – all while promoting your name out in the world.

Hopefully this list has given you at least a few ideas, and better yet, a go-to promotional plan. Now you can stop wasting your marketing dollars and start putting them toward campaigns that actually work, that draw you closer to your existing clients and customers, and bring new ones in the door on the daily.

If you’re curious to learn more about reusable promotional items that make your company look green while improving the lives of your important people, we invite you to get in touch today.