November 9th, 2018 BY Douglas Lober

10 Best Business Gift Ideas for the Holidays

There are so many potential uses for reusable business promo items that it’s hard to know where to start in crafting a good marketing plan. While overwhelm is a natural response to beginning any marketing venture, it’s best to take a deep breath, step back and consider your real goals. For most businesses, that goal is simple: Forge a strong connection with my clients and customers.

If that’s you, we have good news. Holiday gifts are one of the absolution best ways to accomplish that. Because you deliver them during the season of giving, when everyone’s heart is open and fond, recipients are much likelier to receive the gift in the spirit of the season. That in turn makes them likelier to come to you for further products and services.

But what kinds of promo gifts should you consider, and how should you pick amongst them? Here’s how to make your marketing plan, as well as the 10 best business gift ideas for the holidays.

To Whom Are You Gifting?

As with writing or speaking, when marketing you must know your audience. Your relationship with the gift recipient should determine the nature of the gift itself. For instance, if your customer is a regular shopper at your store, then the gift should be small … on the order of a single grocery item. On the other hand, if your client gives you thousands of dollars in big contracts per year, your gift should accordingly be larger.

To break this down with examples, your gift to the former might be a tiny plant as a reward for a certain number of dollars spent in a single transaction or a certain amount of purchases through the year, tracked by a stamp card. For the high-paying client, of course, you need more. Consider filling a reusable promotional bag with food, beverages and other goodies to help them enjoy an office party or a cozy fireside scene with family and friends.

Next, ask yourself: What’s my goal?

What’s Your Goal?

Come on, let’s not be Pollyanna-ish about this. You know and we know your business gifts stem from a desire to cement customer loyalty, plain and simple. Otherwise, what’s the point? Before you can get that customer loyalty, though, it’s critical you figure out what you want to get out of the gift. Yes, that seems backwards, but it’s very true. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is your holiday gift meant to remind them of a service for which they should sign up next year? Think tax preparation, financial planning, an annual exam or a spring wardrobe update for which you’re including a coupon.
  • Do you simply want people to feel valued, so that they think of you every time they need your services again? If so, a thoughtful gift can make them more likely to return to you for another legal contract, a cavity that needs filling, or a shrink appointment. (Hey, it happens.)
  • Do you want the free marketing provided by your clients and customers flashing your merchandise around? If you’re a grocery store or artisanal brewery, for instance, that might mean a sturdy reusable grocery bag or a fitted tee shirt that advertises your beloved brand.
  • Is your goal to remind them that they need to re-up on your products? For instance, a coffee mug is a wonderful holiday gift to someone who routinely buys your beans, because it will jog their memory to come get more every time they run out.

Once you’ve identified your goals, you can create your holiday gift idea more effectively, tailoring it both to your marketing needs and their tastes. Only when you hit this intersection are you likely to see ROI from your purchases – which is really the main goal. Now that you know what it is, here are 10 of our favorite promotional gifts for this holiday.

The 10 Best Business Gift Ideas for the Holidays

  1. Glassware Set: A full set of glassware is a lovely gift for any valued client. Make sure your logo is tasteful, either in neutral colors or etched into the glassware itself, so they want to keep it on display in office or home.
  2. Lunch Bags: A perfect gift for shoppers, lunch bags enable good picnicking and road trips.
  3. Coasters: Coasters are ideal for beverage companies, but also work well for any company that wants to pass on a reminder of their friendliness and willingness to help.
  4. Stress Balls: We all grind our teeth from time to time and need a method to squeeze the pressure away. That’s where stress balls come in, complete with a friendly logo.
  5. Goodie Baskets: For those awesome, can’t-lose clients, consider an all-out gift basket with wine, glasses, sausage, crackers, cheese, jam, cookies and pears. Your clients are bound to think of you fondly while devouring the lot.
  6. Gym Bags: In the health space? A starter gym bag is a perfect gift, with a branded towel and water bottle to complete the set.
  7. Cup and Coffee Beans: Foodies unite. A classy mug with your logo on it, complete with a bag of pre-ground beans for easy office perking, is always appreciated it.
  8. Technology Set: Try a screen cleaner for one-time purchases during the holidays, and a docking station for people who work with you again and again.
  9. Cookware and Spices: What can beat some classy steel and a set of spices to match?
  10. Planters and plants: From housewife to high-powered CEO, everyone loves a good plant. Tiny plants in tiny planters are an especially beloved trend these days, so deck out your little succulent with holiday-appropriate colors and a branded logo.

Now that you’ve got some ideas for building your business via promotional items, which path will you take? Please feel free to get in touch to learn more about buying promo products today, or to let us know which idea worked best for you! We’re ready and eager to assist at any time.